Getting variable from another blueprint when spawned actor is clicked

I’m just a beginner and I’ve looked at all the various ways of communicating between blueprints but I can not get anything to work. There has to be something obvious that I’m missing. I spawn the actor multiple times in the level blueprint. I have a blueprint interface with a get vector function. I add the interface to the gamemode blueprint which contains the variable I want to receive and also eventually update. Then when the actor is clicked it uses the interface to get the variable from the other blueprint but all it seems to do is move to a null vector value of (0,0,0).

I’ve also tried the direct TargetBluePrint approach but also get a null value.

Is there anything I can do to get this to work or is this not a good approach?


What is it you are trying to do in this situation so that I may get a better understanding of your end goal, you might be able to Casting to achieve what you are after.


I’m just trying to do a simple tile puzzle game where the tile moves to the empty space and then the empty space is updated.

Here is my casting attempt which doesn’t even move the actor.

Hey rckt26,

If you are storing this Empty Location variable in your Game Mode blueprint, you need to call the instance of the Game Mode in use by the level in order for your interface to properly call Get Empty–it would look something like this:


Thanks, that worked.