Getting variable data from an ini file for a primalitemresource

Has anyone found a work around for getting variable data from an ini file from a primalresource blueprint since the switch has authority is not in that blueprint and how to create an event for it. I tried tying it into the gamemode construction event and calling a separate function inside of the primalresource child blueprint that has a integer variable attached that leads to a set max item quantity but alas no avail. The goal is to be able to have the server admin set properties of each item so they can customize the mod to their liking. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

I looked at HOWTO: Get Variable Data From an Initiation File - ARK: Survival Evolved - Epic Developer Community Forums but there is no event to call at start or switch has authority

This is something that maybe needs a tutorial on… If I knew how I would do the tutorial, but unfortunately I do not. Maybe some advanced modder can shed some light on this. That would be great for other modders to learn from.

Some things on primal items are just not editable at runtime therefore trying to set it via .ini will never work. “Initial Value Constant” is one that i know for sure is not editable through .ini.
That being said, there are several implementable native functions on primal items that can be used to retrieve .ini data. I know for a fact that “Allow Crafting” and “Can Use” will read from .ini.