Getting values from actor in level

I’m trying to figure out the best way to take a look at the level when a player loads into it and find all the actors with a certain tag, and then grab a value from their construction values, then send that to the players blueprint which then feeds a GUI, as well as determining a few other aspects of level play.

So for example there would be like 10 crates each with a different gold amount. I want to be able to provide the player with a gui that says, 0/10 crates collected and 0/350 coins collected. I want to use the construction value so the crates can get a reuse but the coin value would change. After the player has all 10 crates the game moves to the next level.
That also means I need to determine when the crates are destroyed by damage as well. The player will be shooting at or hitting crates to smash them open. So need a way to tell when they are destroyed so I can update the crate and coin counts.

Any help or suggestions are very welcome.
Thank you