Getting up to speed on UE4 Code and C++

Hey All, Just thought I’d post on the forums here since I couldn’t find a clear answer on this subject, so hopefully this is the right place for this.

I used to use the Unreal engine 2.5 many years ago, and even got down to some coding for it.
Many years have passed, and I got a subscription for the Unreal Engine 4 just recently, and although I can find plenty of tutorials for terrain and scene generation, I can’t find much on Unreal-script and Coding in C++ for the new engine.
Plenty of books are out for the UDK(UE3), but UE4 seems to be different.
For instance, I’ve read up on Downloading the Source code for UE4, but do I need the source directly to make new projects and game prototypes?
Also, I hear Microsoft Visual Studio integrates well with UE4, but I can’t find a clear tutorial on setting it up, or How to set it up, modify/create new scripts for new projects, and the folder format for such a new project.

I could always download the UDK, but I would rather relearn Unreal Tech from the newest offering.

Any help on getting up to speed with the latest Engine version from a newcomers perspectives(Kinda) would be immensely helpful, and MUCH appreciated

I would recommend the Wiki tutorials, as well as the many tutorials on the forums and youtube that people have been putting up.
Also the example projects in the marketplace are a great place to start.
You do not need the source from GitHub to make your own project. UScript has been replaced with the visual scripting of Blueprint.

And as far as setting up Visual Studio -

To start off with read the official documentation -

Wiki page -

The official Unreal Engine youtube page also has some tutorials.

If you’re looking for coding and blueprint specific tutorials, check those sections :wink:

Howdy Tosaka,

Glad to hear that you have picked up UE4. We have many on our wiki, that you could find here. Also, there are numerous YouTube videos helping with C++. Here is is link. Hope that helps.

Thanks and have a great day!