Getting to the "black triangle" phase with Linux UE4

I posted this to #UE4Linux on IRC yesterday but got no answer so here’s a copy of my question:

"Hi, I’m a total beginner with UE4 and never have used previous iterations of the Unreal engines. So excuse any retarded questions :slight_smile: I’m looking to get to the black triangle phase[1] with UE4 on Linux with resorting to Windows or OSX. I’ve followed the Build on Linux wiki and can compile the Slateviewer, UE4Client, UE4Game etc. but I have no idea what to do to continue. Is what I want possible yet?


So basically what I am wondering is whether I can get some simple UE4 graphics on my screen on Linux now that UE4Client, etc. compile successfully without resorting to Windows or OSX.