Getting Third Person Shooting Working

Hi guys, I just finished this tutorial series from Unreal :


I am trying to move on to projectiles for third person, I have not found any tutorials that have helped me so far, I tried to use the Shooter Game asset but it would not load for me on 4.4

I started a new project using the First Person Template, and tried to translate it to my Third Person game, but it is not spawning properly:


I have tried to get the projectile to spawn around my mesh but it has been unsucessful and seems to spawn around the camera angle.

You could do it like that (not the best way but it works) :slight_smile:

-attach a mesh to a socket (add the mesh in the component section and turn off the visibility)
-spawn the projectile from the position of the mesh

Now the projectile will spawn from the mesh (your socket position -> e.g from the front of a weapon) and not the camera
orange -> spawn
green -> attaches the mesh

Amazing work, I was actually trying to follow your socket tutorial to help fix my problem and it helped a lot!