Getting there with my VR performance

Slowly but surely I’m getting there trying to hit the 90FPS. Of course I’m doing all the wrong things like a couple of dynamic lights and fresnel water shader. My fallback is simply to make my planets smaller.

The teleport is really great way to travel. I’m thinking about teleportation to satellites and way points between planets. But being on a satellite, you don’t really want to look down, but rather forward onto the planet.

On the ground, I’m hitting 90FPS.

I’m going to have to tackle this as well as my ongoing unpublished project has many objects that are not streamlined yet for mobile and VR.

In the back of my mind, when this game actually gets publish (in say 5 years :wink: ), the technology might have improved enough to cover my performance issues, but I figure I’m going to have to be pretty close to 90FPS.