Getting the Ai to avoid obstacles

I’m using a crowd AI to for RTS units and they are moving around fine, clumping up a bit, but generally fine.
That is until I introduce obstacles to the level. For some reason they don’t seem to be able to pathfind around a blocking object.

The navmesh is build and should tell them that they can’t move up to that obejct. But it’s like they completely igorne it.

What am I doing wrong here? I know I can weight areas to give the AI directions as to what is a good path and not. But I mean, that’s not something I can do for every rock and tree in my level.

Hi Emil
What type of Ai controller are you using exactly?
Are you using Ai behavior tree? if yes what node are you using for command ai to move?

I’m using a Detour Crowd AI Controller and I’m using a behavior tree to move the ai, and a a black board value to give them specific orders.

The behavior tree is still a mess as I haven’t gotten my head around how it works.
But basically left to right. Assault order, Move Fast order, Move order.

Did you try using RVO Avoidance ?
Have a look at this:

I’ve tried now. But sadly no change.

I saw that the RVO has different avoidance groups. But since the rocks are part of the foliage system I can’t seem to add them to any of the avoidance groups.


Looking at the path finding debug while running the game, it seem to totaly ignore the navmesh as nothing of this geometry can found in the pathfinding

I’m confused.