Getting texture2d from web-widget

Hi, the title says it.

I’m using a web page to generate textures. I can set up a widget BP with the browser and it works fine. Also, I can use the retainer widget to get the texture2D that way (or rather get a material of my choosing using the injected texture2d) - but the problem there is that it seems the image size is limited to the viewport size. I need my textures to be rendered at 1500,2500 (It’s a texture atlas).

First - is there a way to specify the resolution of a widget, so I can generate my images at the required resolution? (Also, i’d really like this all to happen off-screen)

If not, the widget component works well as I can directly specify my resolution - the problem here is that I want to be able to get at the texture2d.

I’ve just tried listing the materials attached to the widget component and i get one called ‘Widget3DPassThrough_Masked_OneSided’ but if I try to get that and do a ‘Draw Material to Target’ I just get grey.

Any ideas?