Getting Texture Info based on Blueprint Actor

Hello everyone,
I’m currently working on my master thesis project and it’s almost ready. It’s an interactive art gallery. There’s however one important thing to finish it.I’ve created a blueprint actor basing on the tutorial below allowing me to switch between pictures on one cube mesh:

The next idea was to apply UMG Widget that is supposed to get info from the blueprint actor (image, title, author and
after pointing and clicking on the object and display it, which did work.

The problem is the widget always displays info about the same and only one picture, no matter on which one you click. I want it to get the infromation based on the texture selected from the enumeration in the viewport. I suspect it can have something to do with the Array Index in the Object reference. I’m attaching Blueprint screencaps for titles.
I’m still learning, so the screencaps would be the most helpful for me.
Thank you all in advance