Getting 'Steam Connection Failure' Creating Session

I’ve followed these setup guides for Steam integration

But when I try to create an internet session to register the server with the master game list the console shows “Steam Connection Failure”.

Whats weird is if moments later I request the master list with ‘FindSessions()’ I get a response with SearchResults.Num() > 1 and I see my server entry data, but then if I make the same request again it returns SearchResults.Num == 0 and has disappeared…

I’ve tried the test appID 480 and my own appID that was recently GreenLit but get the same result.

Anyone run into this issue and could provide any direction? I am completely in the dark here and the Steamworks group has no threads on this.

Hey Bart, sorry forgot to update this thread. This seems to have resolved with the official release of 4.11 which is odd because I had this issue in 4.11p8 but I did not see anything that changed in the Steam online subsystem code from 4.11p8 to 4.11 official release. But we’ll take it haha. Thanks for looking into this

Hi Mentos,

If you haven’t already, can you double check that you have all your ports configured correctly as mentioned here: Steam Support :: Required Ports for Steam ? Also, I assume you have the dedicated server running on a separate machine from the client you are using to connect to it, correct?