Getting Started!

Hey all! I picked up UE about a week ago and I’ve been experimenting with every aspect I could muster the time to research. I would love everyone’s input and advice for every step, and I’ll definitely become an active member of this community in the near future. I have a concept that’d I’d like to see come to fruition eventually, so I thought I’d take to the forums. My project is called 5KNM: 5 Nights Killing Mervin. This is intended to be a mash-up of 5 Nights At Freddy’s and Slenderman, taking popular mechanics from both and combining them into a thriller/horror/survival game.

Story: You come home only to find your place totally trashed, but hear the banging of footsteps in the next room. You find the criminal still lurking, who notices you and tries to kill you. In your efforts to defend yourself, his maniacal laughter penetrates your soul and your new life purpose is to kill this guy. He escapes your wrath, but only to stalk you until the optimal time to strike presents itself. In an effort to disuade him from trying again, you install various traps and cameras to catch him in the act. Your efforts may or may not be successful, but you know one thing is for sure: his name is Mervin.

Mechanics: First person, player-designed traps, plenty of volume triggers, “turn based” AI (much how animatronics move in FNAF)

Level Design: Open to any and all suggestions! So far, it’s 3 rooms which are separated by “safe spaces” and “active spaces.” Also, a bloodied up bathroom. As of now (Nov 11th, 2016) all props aside from UE4 Starter Content are hand-crafted with available geometry and meshes inside the engine.

Other than that, I have little to no direction with what to do next. I’m currently spending more time learning UE4 than actually crafting the game. For those interested in keeping up with my updates, I’ve made a youtube channel to upload videos: .

On a side note, I’d like to promote my services as a peon in search of practice and knowledge. I’d like to take up unpaid work doing remedial, mundane, time-consuming tasks that more advanced users would rather not waste their time doing. Any work will be greatly appreciated, just shoot me a message.