Getting Started with Unreal Engine

Hello everyone,
I am new around here, my name is Riccardo, I’m 15 and from Italy, I started programming an Arduino when i was 12, it was nothing serious though, I just got a bunch lights blinking. I started programming “seriously” just about one year ago, in Java, to create Minecraft plugins and Mods. Some days ago I read an article on IGN about Unreal Engine being released to everyone for 20$/Month, checked out some demos and videos and I really got excited. I had always thought that game development was something hard and that only big teams would be able to create a game but after watching some of the Unreal Engine tutorials on Youtube I started thinking that it might not be so hard after all. One of the things that impressed me was the fact that with Unreal Engine you don’t have to spend too much time worrying about code, although you still have to do all the 3D design and graphics part (I thought it was the other way around). My problem is that I am not such a good artist, at school I live off the pity of my art teachers. I thought this might be a good place to ask for advice:

  • What’s the best (Free or Cheap) 3D editing software?
  • Do you know any good tutorials to get started in 3D design?
  • How do you create good Textures for meshes?

I’m a newbie, open to any advice.

Thank you,

it still is :smiley:

Programming is an art that you learn over many years and never master, as is producing great (3d) art.
It is possible, but rare, to find people who can do both at a high level.

So you should really try to decide what you like best or “what level you would like to achieve”
You don’t need all the skills yourself; there are lots of ways to make a game.

If you really want to make a game : then focus first on the game-mechanic.
Is it fun to play wit simple graphics. BluePrint can help you with this.

If you have more fun taking a template and making it look real good, then maybe you first want to focus on design.
Blender is free and can get your started on that.

it also has lots of tutorials on youtube

Anyway, wish you the best and lots of fun

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:
I think i’ll stick with programming. I already have some IT and Java background so maybe it’s gonna be simpler.