Getting Started With Unreal Engine 4 (& Game Development)

Hi guys,

I present the first version of the getting started guide I created for Unreal 4. It’s a short introduction into Unreal and links to many (community) resources that will help you in learning Unreal 4. It also briefly touches on third-party tools including version control, maya, photoshop etc. and I included some general (non unreal specific) links to articles and websites you may find interesting.

The intention is to keep updating the page through community input & suggestions, it could include a lot more - but this should be a good starting point!

The page is available here:

Thanks for doing this! This is quite useful… Especially tutorials about integration of 3.parties tools (Photoshop, Maya LT, …) is something I would like more of…


Thanks mortengu! I’ve added it to the list, I’ll see if I can find some and I’ll keep the guide updated some more things come available.

Excellent resource!

Hey, excellent resource. Bookmarked!

Thanks. Glad people are finding it useful. Working on something that complements this well, more on that later :slight_smile: