Getting Started With Rigging

Hey all,

I’m looking for the best resources to get myself up to speed on rigging bipeds from mocap data in maya and bringing them into UE4. I seem to have some major gaps in my knowledge so I’m hoping for some advice on a workflow.

The mocap data is being captured for 3 minute dance sequences using Vicon cameras and imported to Motionbuilder as .c3d
I’m exporting from Motionbuilder as FBX and opening that FBX in Maya.
Today I was able to attach a blocked out mesh to the skeleton and get that into UE4 so that works at least.
My next step is to use the included mannequin model and retarget my mocap skeleton to it but I’m unsure how to go about that.

I’ve seen a lot of talk about the ART tool and how great it is but any time I try to open motion capture data in it maya crashes. Also, I found the Epic youtube Vimeos about the tool to be way too fast and over my head.

Like I said, there a lot of holes in my knowledge and I’m looking for the best resources to move forward.

Any guidance is very much appreciated. :slight_smile: