Getting started with networking?

Hi! I have been trying to accomplish a multiplayer game, and have hit many problems and very few tutorials. Am I missing something…?
More tutorials would be nice, as you know, more and more games are going online now (gosh, it feels like 2008 had come to to indie scene :P)

Hi ,

Have you had a look at our networking tutorial? You can find the playlist here: A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements - Epic Developer Community Forums

Additionally there is a lot of community content in the blueprint scripting and C++ sections of the forums that deal with networking.

yesm I did watch it the series through, and it for sure helped. After few days of frequent asking in forums & trial bunch of trial&error (especially error) have actually led me to have a simple Ui with “Host game” (executes open [MAP]?listen) and “Join game” (executes open [IP inserted in the editable textbox next to it]).
I have to say, I managed to learn networking fairly quickly thanks to blueprints being so intuitive and encouraging to just try things out, and just right clicking an typing things you could imagine the node you are looking for to be named.
. I would have liked though there to be an explanation how you should sort out character movement (right now I am moving it both client&server side to mitigate unresponsiveness caused by ping, hope that’s correct way to do it?) as it took the vast majority of my time. I’m making fairly good progress now, as I kinda understand the fundamentals of networking (I don’t think any tutorial even told that replication only works one way? it came to me as kind of a surprise).

Player movement (and the associated prediction/correction logic) can indeed be particularly tricky. In previous UE iterations it was somewhat of a black art that only a few mighty network gameplay programmers dared to attempt mastery of! :slight_smile: We’ll queue up a deeper explanation with some working examples to provide more practical context for developers like yourself looking to dive in - thanks for calling it out!

Hey , thanks for the feedback. Can you give some more details on what specifically you were coming up against, and what you found confusing? What type of movement were you trying to do, and why did you feel that you had to do it on both client and server?

For some background:
Going through the normal input route on Character (using AddMovementInput) automatically replicates that movement for you to the server, which runs the same simulation as the client. If you are trying to set velocity directly then you will have to hook up your own RPCs / function calls to trigger that on the server from the client.