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I have successfully downloaded and started the Lyra starter game in UE5-0. I am a beginner and I want to learn how to create games with UE5. I thought that a good starting point would be Lyra, because it was promoted in the State of Unreal video of April 5th.

I can successfully start playing a preview of Lyra in the UE5 editor. I see that there is a level selection and then a map with bots shooting at me, etc. I wonder how I can access this level in the UE5 editor like it was done in the State of Unreal video. In this video someone showed how a mesh can be procedurally generated and then turned into a static mesh. I would like to build procedural meshes too and then turn them into static meshes. Furthermore I would like to learn from Lyra how to code an AI enemy and everthing else that is part of Lyra. If someone could show me how to get started with Lyra and editing it, it would be great. Thank you in advance! Perhaps someone could create a tutorial about Lyra. That would be awesome.

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I have the same issue, i can’t find the level like in the showcase video.

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Hi @Ragusch1 and @Sicco0803 !

When a file is well hidden and hard to track down, you can always trust the filters inside the content browser. In your case specifically, click on the root folder called All and then add a level filter.

The result of adding this filter will show you all the levels in the selected folder. The one you would probably want is L_Expanse

If you double-click it and open it, it will probably seem like it is a blank map, so be sure to load all the cells in the World Partition panel to see the whole map (Window → World Partition → World Partition Editor)

If it’s the first project where you are using Unreal Engine, I would recommend checking the talk that was also released today called Your first game in Unreal Engine 5

It will let you know all about the features inside Unreal, and it will make you more comfortable with the editor

Happy game dev!


Your reply helped, but I did it in a slightly different way.

I opened the content drawer, then I selected the folder All, then shootermaps content and then maps then I was able to select the level “expanse”. I double-clicked it. As you said it didn’t load the level automatically. I selected the things on the right side of the screen as in your picture. Then I selected “Load selected cells”. Then I was able to see the level.

Thank you very much!

HI Guys, did anyone retarget another Mesh to the Lyra Characters already?
Somehow I don’t get it to work.

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So I’ve found that a lot of the Lyra code is actually in the Plugins folder under ShooterCore Content. This is where you’ll find the code for the AI etc. as well as the maps.
I haven’t swapped out the character mesh myself yet… I assumed starting by opening the Lyra Game Mode (in the top Content folder) would then give me access to the default pawn, but when I browse to the LyraCharacter it doesn’t work. I also tried to search for LyraCharacter and it doesn’t exist, so I’m stumped. As far as I can tell, if the LyraCharacter doesn’t exist, this game should be broken. Somehow it’s hiding some of the blueprints, or it’s referencing them from somewhere else. UE5 is quite a bit different than UE4 which is frustrating.

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Hi everyone, in case you might be interested, I started a series of ‘timelapse videos’, not tutorials, to demonstrate my workflow with Lyra and Metahuman. Please take a look and let me know your comments. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to do narrated tutorials at the moment.
UE5 - Modding Lyra Demo Project with Metahumans - Timelapse (4k) - YouTube


I’m also wandering through the maze of Lyra. But when you see things like LyraCharacter, you’ll find that in the c++ side of things. There are blueprints that are based off of this, like B_Hero_Default. If you hover over that BP you can see the parent class is LyraGame.LyraCharacter. I think something that would help is if they released separate plugins for the different components of Lyra, or something to that effect. Another hint is to look at the data assets, e.g. SimplePawnData. These seem to hold references to the assets in question, or other data assets, etc. I’m fairly new to UE and c++ so I could be wrong.

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That sounds right. I’m very experienced with UE but not at all experienced with C++. I thought even if it was a C++ class it would still need to have an actor in the content browser that it’s referencing, but I guess not :stuck_out_tongue:

@L.F.A - Thanks for sharing the video.


Glad it helps.

I think there’s a specific parent class for actors that will appear in the content browser. But aside from that, it seems only the instances of it will appear in the ui.

This video should help you out: UE5 Retargeting in Lyra Starter Game Tutorial - YouTube

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Clipped this information from the Lyra sample game doc at the link below

You will find lots of other detailed descriptions about how the Lyra sample game works in this doc its worth a read.

The answer to your question lye’s about half way down on the first page of the Lyra sample game doc where it states.

(to see the level Actors, select the world partition grid cells by clicking and dragging in the bottom right World Partition details panel, then right click and select “Load Selected Cells” to load that part of the map.)

Hope this helped and good luck on unreal learning :slight_smile:

When I launch the game the levels are here but when I follow your method it doesn’t work.

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It really depends on whether the level has world partition enabled or not.
If it does, then you need to do as I showed previously. If it doesn’t then you don’t need to do anything, and you will see that it says that World Partition is disabled for this map.

You have to enable “Show Plugin Content” in the browser settings.

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