Getting started with html5

Hi to everyone.
Please forgive me but I am very desperate.
I am trying to export my project into html5 but without success.
I tried to read the unreal documentation about html5 but it was incomplete and unclear.
I searched for a video tutorial or anytype of guide but it seems to be nothing on web.
So my question is where I am wrong? Where I can find the information which I need?

I have installed chromiun 64 bit, Python 2.7, and I have modified the ini files which the documentation requires.
But I am not sure what I have done. I have no found a step by step guide and I don’t know every requirements to observe.
So I tried to export my project in html5 but once the web page is created, can’t show my exported project on web page.
html5 page

The only way I can show something is launching a demo from the editor, but many of my 3D mesh are distorted, alterated.

In the Example 1 you can see the original 3D mesh into the editor:

And this is how it appears on html5 once I have launched a demo from the editor:
I need help.

I also can’t export in HTML5 :frowning:

Look at the link, I’m pretty sure that browser can’t find any assets.

Use developer tools (f12 probably), and check console.

Well try http://localhost:8000/ this is your app server.

As Yavane said you need to go to http://localhost:8000/ when you are running the server.
About the mesh it could maybe be that it is to heavy for html5. Does it only happen to that mesh or multiple?
If it is that mesh only then you can try export the mesh from your 3D program as an other fbx year version.

As @StefanCG mentioned you need to give the path as “http://localhost:8000/your_html_file_name.html

This probably is because HTML5 is not able to handle that mesh. Is it a single object?
I had similar problem when I used a kitchen counter in one of the projects. The Entire Kitchen counter was a single object, which resulted in distorting of mesh as shown in your pic.

Currently, HTML5 has lot of limitations and I don’t see the same amount of development on HTML5 from Unreal as compared to other platforms. It is a very painful process to make a project work in HTML5.

WebGL’s vertex index buffers are limited to 16-bit.
That means you cannot render meshes correctly if their vertice count is greater than 65535.

Most probably the object has too many vertices. Try to split to multiple meshes, instead of merging into a giant mesh.