Getting Started with AI for Maze Pathing

Hi guys,
I´m currently working on a project which compares different maze solving algorithms. For that I chose UE5 as Engine. It´s my first time working with AI. What I tried is like getting a Mannequin (the standard 3rd Person Template) to like move a set distance forward, wait and repeat.

In my mind it made sense how I tried it. However the NPC doesn´t even start moving.
I attached my blueprints underneath.

AI Controller:

Behaviour Tree:


Thanks for helping!

Hey @Cofforo! Welcome back!

Did you put a NavMesh volume in your level yet? You want to make sure to do that, otherwise the actor can’t move at all! :slight_smile:

Hey @Mind-Brain,
I´ve put one into my level and adjusted it so that it covers the whole maze. Do I maybe have to link it to the NPC?

I thought that adjusting the Controller Class should do that automatically.

This should result into the reaction to run my controller
this should go into my behaviour tree, adjust the position vector and give it as value to the “Move To” function

Hey again Cofforo!

No, you don’t have to link it in any way, you’re just telling the entire game “This is where AI can walk.”

We can get you figured out, but you’ll need to show your work, give us some screenshots, video, something! :slight_smile: