Getting Started with a FPS game for android and ios

Hi there

I am a beginner in game development.But not in progarmming i have 3+ years of experience in java.

I have a FPS game in mind In which a player has some mission to acheive.And their are various difficulty level for player.

I want to make this game for Android and Ios,
I want to know Is it possible in unrealEngine to design all Graphics,Sound,Animation,Programming in Unreal only?
or do I need any other tools to design my game other than Unreal engine?


Unreal Engine is somewhat akin to a mixing bowl, where everything (your assets) is put together and programmed accordingly. (C++ or Blueprints for game logic). You will need external tools to make your assets though such as textures, models, audio, etc, but this is the same with most game engines.

What external tools I need to design(texture,models and audio) for games other than unrealengine?

Gimp, Blender, and Audacity are all free, and will allow you to make textures, models, and sounds!

What is unreal engine price model?

Free. Then 5% of your earnings after $3000.