Getting started making a FPS

Namely I want to create a server based multiplayer FPS. I’m not good at music production and I believe that’s probably a hundred times easier. So I’m not going to get my hopes up that somehow I could find the intelligence and motivation to get good at making games.

What I think I need to get started is the official video tutorial series.

How much does the “Shooter Game” cost? Does it come with video tutorials as well?

The shooter demo is free -> you can find it under the learn tab.

-start with the basics tutorial: null - YouTube
-basic blueprint tutorial: Introduction to Blueprints (pre. v4.7) - YouTube
-this tutorial will help to use animations in the UE4: 3rd Person Game with Blueprints (pre. v4.8) - YouTube
-depending on your experience level (e.g probably you already have experience as a 3d artist,…) I personally would recommend you to nearly watch every tutorial + already start your project, because it’s the best way to learn such stuff (learning by doing) → when you are stuck with something, just post your question in the forum, take a look at some more tutorials or search for it with this search bar: :slight_smile:

To keep it short:

-study the shooter demo
-start your project
-learn stuff by watching tutorials + reading the documentation

The list I need to know about isn’t big. It includes navigation, game objects, blueprints, and c++.

And I like to keep things as strict as possible when talking about the bare necessities of working with an editor.

:wink: That includes nearly everything

-objects → you need to know how to use a 3d program + you need level design experience + you need shader experience Take a look at 3d modelling tutorials (UV, lightmap, collision,…) + the level design tutorials on the unreal engine youtube channel (but skip the part with the BSP) + the basic material tutorial
-blueprints → take a look at the official bp tutorial
-c++ → study the shooter demo code
-navigation → take a look at this sample:

I suppose every object uses blueprints so theres really no reason to list objects as its own entity. Graphic design is its own discipline. Although you will be importing models/rigging/animation/materials/textures/maps.

When I said navigation I meant general editor stuff like viewports, pan, zoom, rotate, browsing, importing, saving/loading.

In addition to using the editor in tandem with blueprints and c++, there is the notion of creating client and server applications, and implementing database and web page support.

Oh, with objects I meant 3d meshes ^^ -> you mean items -> yep they are made with blueprints. For the navigation you also need the basic bp skills + search here for tutorials :slight_smile: