Getting Started: Animation References

Here are a few helpful links to documentaion, videos, and tutorials to help you get started with animation in Unreal Engine 4.



  - [Animation System Overview](
  - [Introduction to Third Person Blueprint Game](
  - [Introduction to UE4 Animation and Rigging Tools](
  - [AnimMontage](
  - [Animation Retargeting (Same Skeleton)](
  - [Animation Retargeting (Different Skeleton)](
  - [Animation: Root Motion](

**Persona: **

  - [Persona Animation Editor Index](
  - [Persona Editing Modes](

**Skeletal Meshes:  **


**Videos **

	  - [Introduction to Animation and Rigging Tools (A.R.T. Series)](
	  - [Blueprint 3rd Person Game Creation](
	  - [Introduction to Physics Assets Tool: PhAT (Series)](


  - [Animation and Rigging Toolkit in UE4](
  - [Animation Blueprints](
  - [Introduction to Animmontage](
  - [Crash Course in Animation Notifies](
  - [New Blueprint Character Movement Features](
  - [Intro to Animation Retargeting in UE4](


  - [4.7 Animation Editing and Animation from Physics](	
  - [Animation and Mixamo Starter Pack Release](
  - [4.5 Preview & Animation Retargeting](
  - [Animation & Rigging Toolkit](
  - [Animation Deep Dive](
  - [Vehicles in 4.2](

If there is some specific information related to animation that you feel is missing from our documentation or tutorials, please let us know by creating a post in the Feedback section. Thanks!

so i know this isnt really a priority but i was creating animations within ue4 simple gun animations figured it wouldnt be a problem and i was so wrong. i know everyone uses 3rd party tools to animate but the ue4 standars ahould atleast work. whenever i try to rack the gun slide it looks clean and great but when i revew the animation the gun somehow gets repositioned so the animation i did happens but the rest of the mesh is out of place. any idea what causes this?

Animation Retargeting (Different Skeleton) in the guide you make use of free content, which is not supported for UE 4.18.3 .

Which mean that the “Using Mixamo Content” link might be outdated too.

how much of this info is accurate as of 2019 and 4.22 ???
Maybe is not bad idea to start over with the links and I think a good starging point could be (at least while Epic prepares brand new animation tutorial videos) the Epic’s ones on youtube about the animation for the Paragon characters, this ones:

So how do we 2d drawn type animators go about doing what we love within the platform or engine…there is no topic re;;; specific to 2d.

Awesome links. Thanks!! Now I can learn to create some awesome animations and designs for my Citroen repair Dubai office