Getting spline meshes to generate static lightmaps

I have a roadway that was generated using spline meshes. The mesh elements are static meshes. I noticed that there are no static lightmaps being generated for the spline elements. Is there are setting to enable static lightmaps for spline meshes? (None of the elements are dynamic.)

OK, I found out what was going on. I built the road spline based on the video demo. In that video, they assign the spline directly to the root node. It seems that when you do that, it forces the spline elements to be dynamic which prevents the lightmap baking. The solution was to parent the spline to a Scene component and set the scene to static. That makes everything generated by the spline also static and you get a baked lightmap as a result.

Thank you so much. That was very useful :o

Thnx for the problem solution Whammy, i was having the exact same problem and this worked. It seems that the wrong set up is being used in some videos for this blurpint.

can someone please show screen shots of this process?