Getting Spinos to attack rafts


Per the title… I can’t find a way to make this happen.

What I’m trying to prevent is flotillas of rafts making making their merry way downstream, pushing spinos out of the way like fluff.

since they said the raft parents are from dino, maybe we need to mod it to replace the raft dino settings?

I’ve looked at the usual approaches… changed Targetting Team Override from None to something else. The Spinos technically should attack them because they aren’t on the exclusion list.

Unless there is some “ignore target” setting somewhere I’m missing, I guess it’s hard wired into the game not to attack them :frowning:

may be rafts are not yet included in any of the targetting teams? as far as i know normal dinos dont attack structures and it looks like a raft may be treated as a structure for the moment… do you know if alphas attack rafts?,they do attack structures may be you could tweak alpha IA into your spinos (just guessing)

Worth trying… I didn’t realize alphas will attack structures without a reason (player or dinos there).

Maybe with 214 devkit there is a way to achieve this… the idea of godlike rafts floating past spinos agitates me and the spinos somewhat :wink:

maybe you are right and they only attack if there is someone inside the building … just a thought

That would be ok… but even if a player is controlling/driving the raft… dinosaurs will ignore them. So quite literally you could be on your raft in a tiny pond… surrounded by 10 Trex… and they don’t see you.

Did anyone work this out?

I’d like to make see behemoths chase rafts down :smiley: