Getting spammed with emails from this forum

My primary email address is getting spammed with new posts and replies from this forum. I keep unsubscribing, but it does not seems to stop them. More importantly, I’ve never subscribed to this forum and I’ve not been to this forum in quite a while, but this just started happening today. When I try to look at the posts I’m getting emailed notifications for, it says “You are currently logged in as a different user than the one we emailed. Please log out, or enter anonymous mode, and try again.” This is my only EPIC account, so I don’t know what that means. Any idea what is going on?

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^ This ^

First thing after logging in I turned off all EMAIL notifications (NEVER to all) and saved changes. Today they’ve all been re-enabled. When Epic couldn’t copy / clone the settings from the old forums, the defaults should have been set to off for everybody, to make this opt-in. Right now, notifications are unwelcome Facebook-like spam. :wink:

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All my notification settings are set to Never, but it looks like I’m still getting spammed. I’ve never visited the threads, posts, and replies I’m getting notification emails from.

Oh yes. I got the same as well.
Need to get rid of those.

This looks like a total system glitch. Notification spam from threads never even subscribed to, never mind even read! The emails contain an unsubscribe option though. So will try that and see if it stops. Edit: Tried that a few times and opted for stop all emails from Epic… :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:

I use HEY and I just put these images to single thread & moved away. Nothing to worry about :smiley:
I bet this could be done with email filtering as well.

Anyway, hope Epic can do a proper fix soon.
I bet it’s costing them a lot as well. May be they don’t care about it :smiley:

Hey all, thanks for the report. This issue should now have been solved. Let us know if you’re still experiencing it, thanks!