Getting SoundWave from SoundCue

Hello there.

I have really quick question. Is there any way to extract SoudWave from SoundCue? I tried to do it but cannot find any good way. The reason for this is that I want to compare SoundWave I have and Cue that is in my Audio Component.

Thank you in advance for help!

By looking at the API for those classes it does not seem too hard:

  • First, retrieve a list of all sound nodes of type USoundNodeWavePlayer in your SoundCue through SoundCue::RecursiveFindNode()
  • For each one of those sound nodes, you can access the sound wave with USoundNodeWavePlayer::GetSoundWave()

Thank you. It seems like I’m bad at searching. Every time i search for something i end up reading documentation which is (at least for me) very very poor :confused: Any advices on that?

As the documentation is either outdated, incomplete or missing I would just advise you to look in the code directly. Browsing helpers such as Visual Assist or Resharper are invaluable!