Getting sound but just black screen on non-Qualcomm/Adreno devices?

Hey Unreal Community,

hope someone here can give a hint to my problem as I`m slowly running out of ideas. We build an AR app for Android using UE 4.22 and things are runnnig great on all devices using a Qualcomm chipset aka Adreno GPU. Today we extended our testing-devices and it seems that on Samsung/Huawei Phones which have a Mali GPU we get a black screen as soon as the first 3d-content should render (Splashscreen working), sound is played in background so app has not crashed apparently.
As the problem occurs before the augmented reality part starts, I guess ARcore is not the bad-guy in that case… Has anyone here encountered a specific problem with Mali-GPUs and is there anything special to check for that platform?



The only way to get it to work on Mali GPUs was to disable “Mobile HDR”. Strangely Mobile HDR was working in another APP I tested on Mali GPUs so it must be a combination of that and another setting.