Getting some strange behavior when I spawn my actors on a trigger.

I am getting some weird behaviors when I try to spawn some actors from a trigger even though they work fine when I spawn them on event begin play. The way its set up is that I have a spawner actor that I can place in level using the editor so that I can manipulate the position without having to fuss with “get transform” nodes while still also being able to spawn them at a later time and not on level load. So I got everything set up and it works totally fine when I use the spawners to spawn on level load but when I try to use a trigger at a later time my actors don’t cooperate.

A screenshot of my Spawner actor:

And a screenshot of the set of nodes to test fire the spawners inside the Level Blueprint:

It works when I trigger from Level BP it doesn’t have a delay but any time I insert said delay with any infinitesimal amount of time it breaks. Does this have to do with the timing of the casting?