Getting sharpest and most Detailed look possible..

Hello to all
i am kind of new to ue4 world, not an entire noob, i know my way around.
i’m working on a project and i want to have a presentation.
most things are fine thank to forum’s members but i have one big problem and that is it:
the final detail is very low, i mean you can not see most of details.
i set screen percentage to something like 200 or even 400 but still the final detail is not even 50% of some ue4 project on this forum or presented online.
can anyone give me some “general tips” for getting better result and finer details?

Did you try High Resolution Screenshots? Antialiasing won’t work well in this mode, but you can take a higher res than you need and reduce the size later in Photoshop to fix that.

I too was wondering why screen percentage doesn’t work. Do we need to do something else first?

I use Nvidia dynamic resolution to set my 1080p monitor to 4k and then just print screen. There’s a way to do that with AMD as well.

percentage works for me but in my researches i learned that my main problem for quality is “lighting” and “lightmass”

i refer you to this thread:

if i saw that first i would not post this tread.