Getting/Settings Values of Serialized Variables.

So i have trying to create a custom save game system or at least something that uses the UE4 Save game system as a base, since the already provided system requires me to do a lot of things.

I have come with two ways to handle the variable getting or setting process but i dont know how they will be done.

So here are the things that i want to how they will be done, or some clues atleast:
1-) getting a variable from its name. i know this can done with ue4 reflection but from what i tried it requires me to know the type and i might have to do overloads for custom types.
2-) get a serialized variable which has the Save Game Bool Checked. and set / get its value. the above thing is for knowledge purpose. this one is the one i want to use mainly.

I want to get every variable that has been serialized from every actor currently in the level and then save it. i have a vague idea of what i will be doing for that. please help me. this is for learning purposes.

Also The Config Variable Bool In the more details panel seems useless as it doesnt really works… can i know whats wrong with it?. i have put the Variable name as the key and the value i want as the value in the game.ini in the correct section that it told me, but the value doesnt seem to be automatically loaded