Getting rotation rates

I am building a little 6doF spaceship, and have attached thrusters and it can move and rotate ok. Now I want to calculate the rotation rate around each of the ship’s axis. How do I do this?

I’ve tried getting the world rotation of the actor, breaking it into pitch, roll and yaw, and subtracting the previous frames values and dividing by the delta seconds. Although this works, its not giving me the rotation around the ships own axis.

Even if I am spinning wildly, as leng as there are to thruster inputs I am expecting the rate on each axis to be a constant, and that is clearly not the case for the world coordinates. Any suggestions?

If it makes a difference, the static mesh with the thrusters is the root of my Actor.

You can use Get Angular Velocity, I believe it returns a value in degrees/second. You should then be able to get each axis by breaking the output vector.