Getting Rid of Unwanted Player Character(Pawn)

Hi, i am trying to develop a roll-a-ball game and things are always breaking. I read on Reddit that keeping auto possess player checked off leads to such miscellaneous glitches. I tried the fix but it didn’t work. The problem I am now having is that at starting play mode an unwanted player pawn emerges that works as the default pawn. I don’t know how to get rid of it. I tried examining the relevant blueprints but cant find anything. Here’s a screen capture of my problem:

Do you have a custom GameMode with all the stuff set up correctly?

Yes, I have a custom GameMode without any code but with the right classes specified. But I don’t have a custom player controller and all input and movement code is there in the player pawn itself. It might not be the best practice but I couldn’t recreate a fancy piece of movement code in a separate player controller and chose this approach instead.

Wait, I do have some game design mechanics in my GM code and a self-referencing game mode return node.