Getting rid of the capsule collision inside the character blueprint?

Hi All!

I’ve tried much and searched even more…There is a way to get rid of the capsule component that is inside the character blueprint ?

To be specific, there is a way to set the character mesh as the collision component?

The problem i’m facing, is with many animations (crouching for example) where the mesh goes OUTSIDE the capsule making the character going trough objects/walls.


You have to use the capsule in your character bp, as it is needed for the movement component :slight_smile:

For something like crouching you will have to change the size of the capsule so that the character always stays in it

How would you go about doing prone then? Most importantly how would you make it so the player can’t clip their body through objects as the legs will most definitely be outside of the capsule and that is the only collision component that actually collides (besides physics collisions) with things.