Getting rid of error at the begin play node

So I have an accessed none trying to get error every time I start up my project, but the Anim BP works fine. its just not liking how the first tick it doesn’t have the character ref variable set. can I just ban this error so I don’t have to close out the error tab EVERY SINGLE TIME I press play? its very annoying. obviously I still want to see all other errors.

Add a Delayed Gate or isValid.

yeah but if I set up the isValid in the tick, won’t it decrease performance by a bit? would there be a way to set it at begin play, then start ticking maybe?

Start with Tick disabled and enable it only once the reference is set. Or Delay.

how do I disable it and reenable

What exactly are you doing with Tick (and where) that it generates access none? Does not sound right. Can you show it? Perhaps there’s a proper solution.

the update animation (which I assume can be called tick) fires at the same time begin play does, meaning that it’ll come up with an error every time the first tick. its the character REF that comes up with the error.

So why not just:


But if you must (your game, your rules!):

well that works, but there was another thing.

very simple but it gives the error the first time I do it, try pawn owner doesn’t work

So you set this var outside of the AnimBP? Any reason why not use the notifies:


You can very precisely set what’s what without creating hard references, casting and so on.

reason being, im a total noob to UE4. been doing this for maybe a month and a half now, and I haven’t made a game yet. im trying to make a basic shooter style game and its actually turning out much better than I thought, but I still only have about a month and a half of knowledge. ill look up a tutorial on Anim notifies later. for now ill just finish the gun snapping to the sling stuff

but my god that blueprint graph formatter plugin is a lifesaver, add some comments and it looks so amazingly clean.