Getting Refrences to traced actor

Hello! I’m currently trying to do something where I check if a Boolean in an actor is true, to determine if I can pick it up. For most other variables, such as overlaps I put it in my player character, but if I do that then I can only use one of the actor, which I do not want as this actor is some sort of berry bush, And I’d like for them to grow separately from one another. Most methods I’ve tried return nothing, so I got no other ideas on how to fix it.

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You’re nearly there. Take this:


That actor result pin, cast it to berry bush, and then you can access the ready bool :slight_smile:

Well that makes sense, but I’m still getting errors. Is this what you meant by casting it?

Thanks for your help, and enjoy your day!

Like this:

Still doesn’t work. Do you think this is because its a multi trace in a loop instead of a normal trace?
Thanks, I’m still a newbie when it comes to ue4 so this help is really useful!

If it’s a Berry bush, that will work…

Nvm, it does. Just gotta make sure it doesnt cast if the string isnt the same or something. Thank you!