Getting random but persistent results with a seed

Hello and thanks.

I am trying to create an item vendor that sells 4 random items, but I want these items to be the same every time you go to the vendor - and based on a seed so I don’t need to use a save.

My problem is such. If I do a random int in range from stream, I get the same answer every single time. Which means all 4 items will be the same item.

If I set it to random, they’ll be different, but different every time you open the vendor.

I want them to be the same every time you go to the vendor, but the items themselves different. I can’t figure out how to get both results. I’ve tried setting a seed on the vendors but if I set that seed from my main seed, I get the same problem… same results every time, so every vendor is the same.

probably you are looking for this page Random Streams | Unreal Engine Documentation