Getting Questions Answered on Answer Hub

I am new to the Unreal AnswerHub and I am wondering what the key is to getting your questions answered. I posted the question below a couple days ago to no response, but then I see other questions being answered in a matter of minutes. Thanks for your help!

It depends on what the question is, someone may skip trying to answer because they aren’t sure they know a solution. If it’s not something that all that many people deal with, there might not be very many people that know how to help.


I guess the key is: patience.

A lot of people hit AnswerHub with questions, plus the questions posed here in the forum.
Although there are many dedicated people wo take the time and answer questions on AnswerHub, it just depends on how many other poeple know the answer. An easy-to-answer question might be handled within a minute, beacause within that minute 1000+ peole saw it who knew the answer. Chances are high that one of them takes the time and answers the qestion. More complicated or “exotic” questions may also be seen by 1000 people but only 3 know the answer. A lot less chance that one of them would go ahead and answer straight away…


yeah, I looked at your question and I wouldn’t even attempt to answer that.

much less, not being familiar with the subject, lots of the time the question is so focused in a certain area they are hard to answer as in a good solution.
any answer that doesn’t really help you is a useless response, so that’s a few of the reasons.

other times you see common mistakes that might have occurred somewhere else and even though your question is detailed w/ good screenshots, the mistake could be in another BP where someone can’t see it.
and like above no one wants to make a useless suggestion that won’t help & might even confuse you more.

I still have problems even reading some of the screen shots, but first thing I’d ask or suggest for instance:

  1. where have you actually ‘set’ the actor location, not sure about trying to use an actor location inside a construction script, if it did work it would probably use the default usually 0,0,0 if it’s not set before hand
  2. is the BP it’s in actually the ‘actor’ you are trying to set location with
  3. & can you hook the location into that parameter value pin of that node like that?

those are questions that pop into my head without even knowing anything about what you are doing, so the point is that is a very specific question about a specific situation created under your personal use or scenario, so not easy to answer unless someone has personally tried those specifics themselves & had problems like yours with it.

Thanks everyone, this has been really helpful. It sounds like there is no silver bullet for getting answers. Also, thank you ayretek for attempting an answer.

For follow up, I was able to solve my particular issue. I upgraded from 4.5.0 to 4.5.1 and all of a sudden it just worked. So I am guessing it was an engine error that got addressed in the build.

Thanks again everyone! I look forward to answering other peoples questions once I actually know something.

Just another opinion :slight_smile: ->

-it depends on the time when you post it (during the week is the best time -> most people are online)
-it depends on the question
-it also depends on how the question “looks” like -> e.g some people dont read over a huge text

When it takes too long, post it into the forum :smiley:

lol, yeah those hotfixes are the trick, always best to update to latest version that you are using

want to have some real fun update to 4.6 from earlier versions, not really hard but things do get changed
also unless my project was already deep into development, I would consider 4.6 UMG is really coming of age for HUDs etc (just set variables you want to cast to, to public, until 4.7 they are going to change it back then, lol)

but really glad you got your problem solved

have to agree w/ fighter5347, seems time you ask question matters a lot, weekends you would think more would be using UE4 but I guess they want some real life in there somewhere too, lol :wink:

Priority is given to issues considered bugs or “showstoppers” for all Engine Users in general. The lowest priority is given to “how-to’s” that are so specific they would only help that one individual for that one instance. That said, if someone just happens to know the answer to an issue while scanning the posts, they will not hesitate to post an answer. That would explain why some questions are answered almost instantly while others, that may require more research, seem to take a while.