Getting properties of another actor blueprint

I’m trying to apply an impulse on the direction the player is oriented, so I thought about using a “get forward direction” on my player and use this vector for my impulse but the thing is that I don’t know how to transfer the “get forward direction” of my player blueprint to the blueprint of my ball.
I tried to make a global variable but I can’t find it in my ball blueprint.
So, does anyone knows a simple way to transfer informations between blueprints?
Ask uncle googel: “unreal blueprint communication”

… just to help you out in your specific case… in your ball BP, in your Begin Play use Get Player Pawn and cast to your specific character / pawn class… promote to… say a MyCharacter variable (you put all this in Begin Play just for efficiency, because this way you do your cast just once instead of on Tick)

use this MyCharacter variable in your Tick and other events and… as you say… plug it in to Get Forward Vector

it seems like nonsense I know (been through it) but after a while, getting a reference and if necessary casting down the actor hierarchy to the right level… getting a variable/component etc on another class will become second nature