Getting Player Speed?

So, in a nutshell, I need to add some post-process FX as the player runs. Currently, I have a sprint mechanic driven by a timeline in order to blend into a sprint as the SHIFT key is pushed, rather than jumping right into it. I’ve tried a few different methods, all of which sort-of work. The problem is–because of the timeline, I suspect–whenever the shift key is down, the post process FX kick in. And even then they aren’t consistent during the sprinting, popping on and off, etc.

Basically, I figured the best solution would be to get the player’s speed, and if it’s greater than the walk speed (or equal to the running speed) I would have the PP effects blend in. The problem is I can’t seem to get it to work. I’ve tried GetForwardVector, GetVelocity, all to no avail. Essentially, I’m trying to intensify motion blur and some other effects during a sprint. I don’t need anyone to go out of their way and give me an entire BluePrint, just some suggestions on what may work.

Thanks guys.

Getting Speed for player

Get Velocity Vector Length = speed


Strange its not working for me

Velocity is at 0 until i add a force to the actor, then it go back to 0 but the actor still moving

Get a reference to the character movement component, drag off from that and get velocity (it’s different from the standard component velocity).