Getting Player Pawn reference fails

Hello, could someone tell me if there’s anything wrong with the blueprint below?

“Cast Failed” always gets printed.

You’re trying to get the wrong reference; you need to use Get Player Character instead of Get Player Pawn. ThirdPersonCharacter is a child actor of the PlayerCharacter.

Edit: You could also use TryGetPawnOwner, but I’m not positive that works. I only edited this because I saw you’re in animations BP, and that’s what I know is used more than GetPlayerCharacter.

Hey thanks for the great answer! Been working all day that’s why I’m answering right now. Yes “TryGetPawnOwner” does work like a charm and I believe it could take into account other exceptions so that’s why it may be used more. Anyway, problem solved so thanks again! :smiley:

  • Excuse me
    In what case is getting TryGetPawnOwner invalid