Getting Player Data such as name and score from Steam leaderboard

Hey everyone I was just wondering how I can get the data of other players in the leaderboard such as there name and score from the steam leaderboards. I can read my own score fine however im trying to read other players scores from the steam leaderboard I have created any idea on how to do this would be appreciated.270b653e19a40364aa3c8c37418f0c03d033b7bc.jpeg

me too

I’m also trying to figure this out. I can’t find anything online. This needs a good sample project to show us how it’s done.

Also trying to figure this out. My current thoughts are that the nodes we have at the moment are unfit for purpose here.

I’m stuck with the same problem…
Did anyone find the solution?

Anyone solve this? I can enter the player’s score on the Steam leaderboard. Can get that score back with Read Leaderboard Integer. Maybe need some DefaultEngine.ini code to set up Read Leaderboard functions to get Steam handles and scores off the leaderboard and onto an in-game Scoreboard widget?

Thanks for any help people!

Hello there! Have you found any solution?