Getting player camera to look at ai


My player actor is basically made out of a camera navigating around the scene following different targets. Ive got the camera to move around smoothly but i would like it to look at the targets it follows instead of just following them. In X and Y space it works ok since it rotates in that space but if the target is on another level i z space i would like the camera to rotate towards it. Im really stuck here and would love som help.


Does this one help?


Ive seen that thread but i dont know how to access the targets position in the cameras blueprint. (The target is moving)


Ah so the issue is not the Camera, it’s the fact that you don’t know where, or what the target is?

The main target is an AI that moves randomly around in the scene at given interval. The camera slowly follows it.
So, say the target changes it location every 3 seconds and then the camera will navigate towards this point. The cam does also have an AI component so that it can navigate and avoid obstacles. Makes sense?