Getting pending kill error on timeline execution

I created a basic actor blueprint to test some things, after all tests being succeeded I duplicated it to reorganize things, and then when I test the game I get that error:
Blueprint Runtime Error: “Attempted to access TargetTimeline via property TargetTimeline, but TargetTimeline is
pending kill”.
I tried replacing that timeline and recreated the same, but the error persist, how can I fix it?

Difficult to say.

At a glance, it seems that you’re trying to access the object after it was destroyed. Are you destroying this object at any point?

I’ve seen Timelines misbehave when combined with Delay nodes - are there any in the collapsed graphs by any chance?

How is the Timeline triggered?

Perhaps you could use the Finished pin on the Timeline to trigger destruction of the Easy Target Path Actor.

Does not sound right; how long is this timeline? If its length is set to 0, then yes, the Finished pin could fire as soon as it starts playing.

Pending Kill (as in your error message) means that the actor is currently being handled by Garbage Collection and no longer accessible. Perhaps you try to destroy it elsewhere as well.

Trying to destroy something during Tick is generally a bad idea, this means that you destroy it this frame then again next frame, and again…

No worries. Glad you have it working. Good luck with the rest!

I have a tick event to destroy that actor when it reachs a location, I will disconnect that event and test, if it works I’ll use a overlap event to destroy it.

I tried to use the “Finished” pin, but when I used it they destroy my actor just after spawning it, when the timelime begin to play, I’ll try again.

1 Sec timeline.

I disconnected the event that destroys the actor, and all the events related to the actor, the error persist :"(

I found the error, thank you, when I renamed the variables, the one tha represents the actor got missing, and when I call that event I have a Destroy Actor to remove the past actor, sorry for the troubles. Thank you so much for the help :smiley:

I see, the timeline “finished” pin now works just fine, and i’m using it, ty man.