Getting Paid in Crypto

Hello Everyone,

Quick intro about myself, I am a Content Creator on the UE4 Marketplace for the last 3 years.
Recently, I have become quite interested into this whole Cryptocurrency phenomenon, especially currencies like Bitcoin & Ethereum, not to mention the wider topic of Blockchain.

I am thinking that for UE4 developers, who are creating and consuming digital content via the online marketplace; Crypto Currencies seems like a viable alternative for large scale online transactions.

For starters, it might be a good idea for EPIC to provide buying options to potential customers to purchase digital content via Cryptocurrencies instead of fiat currencies like the US Dollar.
This could be setup as a collaboration between EPIC and a select few Content Providers, who would be willing to sell their digital products on the UE4 Marketplace for Bitcoin or Ethereum.

As time passes, more Content Creators might become motivated to accept payments in Crypto, and similarly more customers and clients might become interested as well.

Forgive me, If I come across as naive. I don’t have a background in Finance or Banking so I might be very ignorant about this whole subject but wanted to share my thoughts with the wider UE4 community.

See what the general mood is regarding this topic.
Chetan Biswas

first you think about making a cool game after you think about the money… virtual ownership requires a very cool game or you are considered a scammer and your project collapses after launch YOU NEED A 7-star costelation product from the school of HOKUTO NO KEN and ONLY the concept of such a magnitude VR product requires slave labor equal to the pyramid of Giza and without sparing the whip