Getting other Blueprint Communicate With Level BluePrint

Is This Possible If So How
i know how do it with blueprints but it doent work the same with level blueprints

I struggled with this all weekend during the Game Jam. From what I could research, I could not find a way to do that. Ultimately my solution was to take the things I wanted to affect, out of the Level Blueprint and move them to the Game Mode. I just had to move some events/variables over and I was up and running quickly.

You can cast from the level blueprint to actor blueprints but not the other way around. This is because the level changes all the time so the actor might be trying to cast to a different level. Use the gamemode blueprint to handle those events instead.

Just a side note, 4.9 preview that was released today supports this feature. You can read the release notes here

That’s good to know. Would you mind reviewing my post regarding event listeners in Blueprint Widgets that are visible in the GameMode. I’ve been unsuccessful at getting the events in widgets. Thank you for the help.


As ZoltanJr said, you can simply cast from the level blueprint to an actor blueprint. It’s not possible to use casting nodes in the other direction (like from an actor blueprint to the level blueprint).

To get such functionality, you’d have to use Event Dispatchers. Effective use of an event dispatcher will allow you to call an event contained in the level BP from any actor BP.

I Know you can now Comunicate with the level blueprint in 4.9version but any one know how to do this pic would be helpful thanks