getting objects in scene into content browser

This may be a stupid question, but is there anyway to get an object that you have in the scene and put it in the content browser? for example, lets say i create a cube in the scene. can i get that cube into the content browser? I tried dragging from the World outliner but I can’t get that to work.

Do you mean a BSP brush? -> you will have to convert it to a mesh. Then you can save it in the content browser. :slight_smile:

Actually I am talking about like a static mesh cube that was created and then maybe scaled and textured. is there a way to put it in the content browser? i can’t seem to find it

As far as I know that’s currently not possible (just with bsp brushes), but it would be a cool feature :slight_smile:

Really? Thats weird that doesn’t make sense. Can someone from the development team confirm this? Thanks!

You could duplicate the original cube asset and tweak the copy. Change the scale and apply a new material with your texture on it…

That is true, but that is known, I think we all have been tweaking what we take from the content browser. I guess what I am asking is for a Unreal Engine equivalent of what Unity calls a prefab. I hope that makes sense. If it is not possible than that is fine, perhaps we can try to put it in the roadmap.

Ah - Yes: you should be able to make the object (or even several objects together) into a blueprint actor which will reside in your content browser! Click on the mesh or group of meshes and in the details panel down at the bottom click “replace with composited blueprint”

In UE4 that is called “Blueprint” :wink:

So in that case, create a BP, based on the cube mesh. Give it some variables as parameters. Hook them up in the construction script.
Et voila :slight_smile:

… Or just like Hyperloop suggested…

Awesome thanks for the info guys!

This helped me thanks!