Getting NVIDIA Flex to work with 10.2

Hi everyone,

Anyone know a way to get NVIDIA Flex to work with 10.2?
From what I understand its pretty hard you have to migrate the changes over yourself using the Git tools.
I have no idea how to d this.
Anyone have a silver elevator for this issue? :slight_smile:

I have a branch and cloned Engine already set up.

If your happy to wait a couple of days, and no-one else has already got one available, I can help set it up for you.

THANK YOU that would be awesome.
I am a pretty skilled illustrator so maybe we can trade.
I can do a drawing / conceptual / design for you?

So progress on my end.
I figured out you can run Setup.bat to download files.
U4.sin file created and running a build in VS 2016 at the moment …

So everyone sorry my graphics card is not compatible so scrap the whole plan with Flex.
Should have checked that for starters … oh well did learn a ton :slight_smile:
Case closed.

what gpu do you have?

Intel HD 3000 which is not as bad as everyone says but not good enough for Flex :frowning:
I will be upgrading later this year then I can do all this :slight_smile: