Getting Notify from Animation Montage to SideScrollerCharacter

I’m trying to use a Paragon Character (KwangSunrise SkelMesh) for a side scroller character. I have it mostly working, but I’m trying to get the combo-reset to work, and I can’t figure it out.

It works using a Notify (ResetCombo) in the PrimaryAttack_* montages.

I originally copied a blueprint tree from the KwangPlayerCharacter that uses a ResetCombo event to set a few variables, including AttackCount for the combo system. However, it was never triggered. After a lot of digging (still trying to figure most things in UE out) I suspected that my SideScrollerCharacter (the one that is given in the side scroller project) was missing something. To test, all I knew to do was try to add the ResetCombo event to the Event Graph. The only similar option I have is just a function of having a similar name, and that is a ResetCombo function caller.

I would like to fix this obviously, but, primarily, I would like to understand what I’m missing, and what is required to get the Notify to a given Event Graph; if that is the right way to say it.

Most of you probably wouldn’t need this, but I’ve attached a screenshot of what I’m calling the blueprint tree with the event that I copied over and would like to trigger.

Thank you.

I tried for over an hour to figure this out and then a few minutes after posting this I found it. I’m going to leave the original question and post my solution in case anyone finds it with the same problem. Someone please correct me if I’m misunderstanding this. Again, still very new to UE.

It turns out, the Notify occurs at the AnimGraph level of the animation blueprint. The Kwang_AnimBlueprint has a “AnimNotify_ResetCombo” event that is triggered when the Notify happens. The default Kwang_AnimBluePrint->AnimGraph was doing a “CastToKwangPlayerCharacter” which would fail since I’m applying it to the SideScrollerCharacter. I changed that to a Cast To SideScrollerCharacter and then the Reset Combo function call had a target of “KwangPlayerCharacter” so I created a new one that referenced the function in my SideScroller Character.

I don’t understand a need to cast to SideScrollerCharacter, but I did it just to keep it as similar to the original as possible. I suspect that the cast they had was to insure that ResetCombo existed in the target.

This is what it looks like. The two floating nodes at the bottom are the ones that were there by default.