Getting Multiple CheckBox Status

Hello Everyone ,

I Created a Widget Which contains about 22 Check Boxes , I Need to check the Status of Every Check box .

It’s Like Question/answer Kinda thing. a Question is asked , then the user should choose the right answer using check boxes.

Can you please Help me with that ?


Hello Everyone ,

I Managed to Solve it by Boolean AND and OR for setting two variables and branching on them .

I thought to share , Also Please tell if anyone have a better practice .

Thats a pretty messy way of doing it.
I would convert your questions over to a data table with a custom struct. Have in your table the question, the correct answer, the wrong answer. Set temporary value’s for each of those or add them into another array. Then you can tell what number answer they have done and if its right or wrong by stepping through that array. It also means that you can add thousands of questions without having to add new rows and objects to your code all the time.

Thank you very much for Replying and sharing your idea with me , iam actually trying to achieve what you told me , i am a beginner as its obvious :slight_smile: