Getting Motion Controller To Rumble Without Having A Physical Object

Hello everyone,

I am nvery new to Blueprints and to scripting generally. For my project I had to create a Blueprint for a sword as a pick up object and to respown, that I got working. Tho to prevent some problems I disabled the physics of the sword, when it spawns and is not yet been picked up. Now the only issue left is the fact that now I don’t have any rumbling anymore when hovering over the object, but the ready to grab animation is still working (I am using the VR preset in the starter content), that’s why i decided to put the Rumble Controller function in there. And it doesn’t really work as expected, the rumbling only starts once I move my hand away from the sword, but not when I am hovering above it. Can someone explain to me why it only fires afterwards, because at the moment I have no idea how to fix this.

Thank you in advance!:slight_smile: